Billy’s Bait Shop

Centrally located on the main patio, Billy’s Bait Shop is sure to satisfy your taste buds with a variety of menu items for the whole family. An all-American menu of burgers, hot dogs, fries, cheese fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, whole pizzas or by the slice, freshly made wraps, salads and parfaits, hummus w/pretzels, and Smucker’s PB&J’s crustable’s. Our signature fried dough is great for an afternoon treat. To cool you off on a hot summer day, we offer a variety of beverages including a Souvenir cup which can be refilled for a small fee. Cash and all major Credit Card accepted here.


                                              Tickets are available at the park. 

               2019 Black Friday tickets are valid for this season.  Please go to the online ticket window to access your order.