What better place to have your group outing than at Southeastern New England's only Water Park, the Water Wizz of Cape Cod! Groups love Water Wizz because the physical layout and size of the park is most conducive to a comfortable and relaxing day. All rides are placed around a centralized area where your group can see and be part of the action. It is not necessary to go a quarter of a mile to another ride...no need to fear you'll lose half your group because of an overly expansive park. And we pride ourselves on keeping the park at a comfortable capacity for all of our guests.

For your convenience and enjoyment, all groups must be scheduled, as we limit the number of groups coming to the park on the same day. Payment is accepted in Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, company check, purchase order or cash. Water Wizz has an on-site ATM for your convenience. We do not accept individual payments from each person in the group. It is best to reserve your day as far in advance as possible.

To reserve your day please call the park directly at 508-295-3255.

Leave the following information if no one is in the office: Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone number, the day you would like to come, how many in your group, and your arrival and departure times. We will send you a written confirmation.

In addition to water activities, we offer changing rooms and lounge areas. Water Wizz is fully insured and we have a highly trained staff. We provide selected areas for groups free of charge.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and hope to see you for a fun summer!

School Days Only

Water Wizz has been chosen as one of the best places for end of year school outings. Hundreds of children from New England have had the most fantastic trip of the year at the Water Wizz. We have a special “school week” at incredible prices. We are not open to the public and accommodate school schedules. However, we certainly welcome schools up to June 25th with the same special pricing. School week varies each year depending when schools close. However school week is usually around mid-June.

Please call 508-295-3255 for special pricing and book your day.

Kids love it! Chaperones love it! Teachers love it! Everyone has fun and relaxes.